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Here’s a look at the top spenders trying to influence maine lawmakers

Republican Sen. The inn took its name from Samuel E.

The University of Maine, however, was primarily filled with people from Maine, so there had to have been precious few who had actually seen the Grateful Dead in concert. She shares a bathroom with other guests at the inn the same way she would if she lived in a dorm room.

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Maybe because was a collage show or just the loooooooooooong ride in between shows. Others were mentally ill or disabled with no family to care for them. Portland, with a population of 60, or so, surpassed Bangor years ago, and remains the commercial center of Maine. Yet Bangor was different, since it wasn't booked by a college. We have queen single rooms, handicap rooms, king single rooms and suites available.

Five years later, the college moved its entire operation there. Beal moved in to the former Saucony shoe factory, where it continues to operate. Brewing company MillerCoors reported lobbying on the bill, which the Maine Brewers Guild called a huge win. It had started to get out to colleges, because young people who had read about the Fillmores in Life magazine wanted to see those bands.

Apparently there was lots of rain the day before. We are a small company with a Maine work ethic that will accommodate your needs while you are here in Bangor Maine. The home became the Bangor Chronic Disease Hospital in The tape is fantastic, the show was by all s great, and the Dead seemed to own Maine and upper New England from then on. The singel Office of Marijuana Policy plans to begin accepting applications for recreational marijuana business s by the end of the year.

Since it was common in those days for colleges to have entertainment budgets, once hippies took over the "Entertainment Committee," or whatever it was called in a school, booking agents could start sending Fillmore bands out.

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I was just glad that we decided to leave the night before and get here early. I don't know if the hippie communes were anywhere near Bangor--probably not--but there was one final reprise at the Northern edge of Interstate This can be a good Newwly for people while they look for a house and decide what town they want to live in. How many songs did the Dead play off their current hit album, probably getting a lot of play in Boston and points North?

When they played Maine again, they played in Portland. Maine residents chose to legalize recreational marijuana in a public vote.

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REM was a great live band early in their career not that they ever weren't and anyone who saw them on this tour would still be bragging about it to this day. Um, zero.

I did not try to give a "credit score" to each event you can decide for yourselfbut some of the shows have a very different feel. Some business and advocacy groups have a second chance at getting their bills passed in January, when lawmakers return to take up carried-over bills.

Click to this to a friend Opens in new window Bzngor man walks toward the State House in Augusta in singlle February file photo. There is one tantalizing hint on the Archive, from a Commenter called Sammo, who says: A little shorter because of the threat of having the power cut off around midnight, but otherwise quite enjoyable. Amusingly, the opening act was a then little-known act called The Faces, with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, who could absolutely kill it in in those days, but no real recollections seem to survive beyond anger at Sly's tardiness.

I do remember people pushing and shoving to get in. Long-term plans include a library, gym and music room. Goode [] A cursory glance at the setlist suggests that the Bangor show was a typical '71 show.

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The bill ended up being carried over to the next session that starts in January. The region is home to independent hotels, as well as the chains you know and love for their consistency and service. Cable providers such as Charter and Comcast argued it Nrwly better for municipalities and cable providers to informally negotiate with each other without state mandates that they say are pre-empted by federal law.

Others who were staying at the inn last week included traveling nurses working temporarily at Eastern Maine Medical Center and St.

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How many people attended the show? However, the 70s weren't like the 80s or 90s--even if you were interested in such things, it could be very difficult to find out the names and histories of cover versions by any band. Check out our blog which has some helpful tips and information about visiting Bangor, Maine!

Somehow, as near as I can tell, Maine became an East Coast version of Oregon, with a Deadhe-per-capita ratio far in excess of Banor where the Dead played regularly. One thing to recall about places like Bangor, particularly inwas that while the population was small, there wasn't so much to do. Bangor Municipal Auditorium had seats, and the population of Bangor was only about 30,00 at the time. Still, we know nothing about the success of the show, save that the Dead never played Bangor again.

Even if we include the 10, ish UofM students, that's still just a population of 40, to fill Bqngor seat building. The inn also has daily and weekly rates. The new law increases the cap to 30, and makes it easier for breweries to exit distribution contracts. In between shows in the Dead's strongholds of big East Coast cities, the Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band started to play farther afield.

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While the Riders always put on a good show, their wave had crested by then, and I wonder if anyone had seen their earlier iteration in Bangor was still there. He owned the property in when Bangor voters approved purchasing the acre farm to establish a poor farm.

Bangor has a large downtown sector with lots of local shops and restaurants. The only other Fillmore band I can find a trace of was a performance at the University of Maine by Mountain, on September 26, There is a similar tantalizing but inconclusive hint over at Sinfle. There are various tantalizing comments on Dead.