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To access your shortlist click the icon in the Add to shortlist This home is not yet in your shortlist 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms About our home Our cottage is near rivers, forests, great views, family-friendly activities, conservation areas, Moniaive village, Drumlanrig Castle and a bounty of other treasures to experience. Those with burials stood out as larger or more carefully constructed. Scottish timbers and imagination to come up with a finished product you will love. Tynron. Tynron Parish does not include the very eastern part of the glen on Capenoch, which for some other reason is in Keir Parish.

Discordant Scenery A surprising point is that the scenery bears little or no relation to the underlying geology. In I moved to Moniaive. These show the direction the glacier travelled. SCOTLAND. Scattered blades and flakes oLve been found in mole hills on river terraces on the Water of Ken and local historian, Tom Affleck, found some in Moniaive. Black shales can easily be mistaken for coal.

The hidden gem

The Shinnel runs across alternate stretches of flattish alluvium with a shallow gradient and steeper sections with rapids and small waterfalls. There are still salmon leaping there in autumn A sharp elbow of capture shows up on the Shinnel at the Clone and it appears that the Shinnel must have continued south-east at the Clone and flowed into the Cairn not so very long ago. The whole area was once covered by rocks laid down in the Cretaceous Period, million years ago. The glen is barely 5 kilometres wide at its widest above Auchenbrack, by Please wait a few minutes and try again.

This may be the cairn on Macqueston, containing a stone coffin and hammer, which is mentioned by several sources. Some experts see them as covering burials, in that any bodies would have rotted away in the acid soil. A walk up any hillside in the glen shows that slope angle is very inconsistent, some parts of the same hillside being quite steep and others almost level.

There are some lovely photos of Tynron on flickrhivemind.

Tynron glen by john shaw

View a range of property to rent in Tynron with Primelocation. I have walked all the watershed and it does puzzle me as im why the parish boundary, when set in the twelfth century presumablyis not always precisely on the watershed. Thanks to the Dumfries and Ib Standard for permission to use articles. Some of the valley bottoms may represent the beds of lakes temporarily dammed by glacial deposits, notably the lovely flat land by Tynron village.

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The hidden gem

The whole area was covered by the sea and levelled off by the waves as recently as the late Tertiary, say 10 million years ago. I should think it certain that Old Stone Age Man lived in the glen, as the climates of the Interglacials were at least as good as now. During this Pleistocene Period Tynron Glen has been subjected several times to Arctic conditions and completely submerged by very thick sheets of ice.

This dyke outcrop can be followed up to the ib of Thistlemark, where some Lovve these distinct pink stones have been used in the march dyke. In late Silurian times, about million years ago, began the Caledonian orogeny or mountain-building period, when the sediments in this basin were squeezed up by crustal movements to form a mountain range with a north-east to south-west trend. Thanks to Vanessa Gourlay for her watercolour of the tormentil.

Site deed and mainatined by Duncan McClean. Cairns were needlessly destroyed, finds disappeared. Alluvium was spread across the valley floor. However there are thin bands of black shales, best seen in the forestry excavations above Shinnel Head, which are fossiliferous. Evidence this far north can only survive in places immune to glacial action, like caves, or where covered and protected by glacial deposits.

A lot has happened since I wrote “Tynron Glen”. They consist of Lovf dark mud with some graptolites preserved in them. Tynron Glen was written tyhron John Shaw. This website also has more stuff about Tynron and the village hall and the minutes of the very active Tynron Community Council, which is particularly worried about the state of the glen road, which has been ruined by timber lorries. Whinstone is no cave-former and who knows if Palaeolithic remains lie undiscovered under the till?

Thanks to the Ordnance Survey for permission to use OS maps.

DG3 4HD. I am an outsider, but then so is almost everyone who lives in Tynron Glen. and Latin at Crawfordton and not geography, though geography, especially landscape, is a great love of mine. The old school house at Glendow is now a wonderful holiday home, so is Craigencoon. Thanks to Buccleuch Estates for use of maps. Site deed and mainatined by Duncan McClean. Some Neolithic finds tynroh turned up in the glen.

He was a romantic with his own picture of the past.

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Burns would be gentle with her. The last great build-up of ice started 25, BP and was at its maximum tynon mereyears ago. The rounded appearance of the hills was then accentuated during the last million years or so during the Ice Age. Thumbnail Flat to rent in English Street.

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Artifacts like these generally end up in Dumfries. Thornhill.

The Ewart has organised its local section very well and everyone is very helpful there, but for Tynron, unfortunately, much information is bitty and scattered through many volumes. James Williamson, a remarkable gentleman in ttnron way, who by activity and probity had made a great business in an out-of-the-way village, told the old woman to be in no fear—Mr.

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Each uplift of land in the Tertiary has made the Shinnel cut deeper and deeper down into the glen floor. Dumfries & Galloway. Rock Types million years have turned these sediments into hard sedimentary rocks. Barr Farm.

Lamgarroch had a "great cairn" on top in the eighteenth century, according to Rae, but it has somehow disappeared.