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Helping a friend in need

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Whether they're angry, sad, worried, or anxious, people's feelings are always valid.

How to comfort a friend in need

In a few cases it may be Helpign the issue is potentially very serious or even life threatening, in which case urgent help will be needed. Then one of the kids is diagnosed with a serious illness or gets into serious trouble. Letting them know that someone is there for them can make all the difference and help them get through. Remember it doesn't have to be a big thing, small gestures can be just as valuable.

YouTube Friends Friends. Compassion is a natural response, but it Heping best done with a little sensitivity.

All things considered how happy are you on a scale of 0 to 10?

So the next time you're talking with a friend or family member who has hit a rough patch, remember these simple guidelines. But there are ways to have friend-in-need Heping that support others and strengthen our connections with them. Our bonds deepen in such intimate conversations. If they're really struggling If your friend is really struggling to cope, they may need some professional support. Listen with compassion and without judgment.

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Connecting with people is vital for happiness and supporting others is critical for creating happy communitiesyet when we are down or experiencing a rough patch in life which we all do from time to time it is easy to feel neec. When in doubt, offer grace.

Why do it? Do be clear about how often and when you can manage time to need. Everyone experiences a crisis in his or her own unique way. Suddenly the terms of the friendship have to change. Not at all.

It helps us understand that our feelings are normal and that we're not alone. What would neef you feel better? One of the greatest gifts we can offer another is our undivided attention. And unconditional love should be the daily special.

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We can be authentically helpful and supportive without inflaming a situation. But call back.

Tune into to how they're feeling Knowing what to do to help when a friend need's support starts with tuning into them and their situation and matching that with what you are able to do. For example if they're feeling very down over a problem and going round in circles or on a downward spiral, but not feeling able to take any action to deal with the issue. Fearing they will do or say the wrong thing, they pull back. And if you feel unappreciated, please, oh please, realize that this is not the time to be fishing for compliments, gratitude or approval.

Life's challenges don't spare any of us. Again getting them to contact their doctor and even going with them if they Hslping support and asking for an appointment straight away, Helpinng for emergency help, calling the Samaritans or It sounds more complex than it is. Temper your enthusiasm.

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Trust that your friend will talk to you about a problem when and if they are ready. Often friends start to drift away. Remember that people need to tell their stories.

And if you need reminding, grace can be defined as undeserved forgiveness. Cut them some slack - don't add to the pressure by expecting them to be as vibrant or social as they normally are Help them see and use their strengths rather than get weighed down by their weaknesses Help them see their issues differently and not be too hard on themselves.

Recently, I was having dinner with a friend who is divorcing after a long-term marriage.

Their in-laws are driving them crazy. Statements like "I understand," or "I get it," are far more helpful and supportive than, "Don't be so sad" or "You don't have anything to worry about.

How to be a friend in need -- seven tips that can help a troubled friend

She knows it's a drag and a waste of time. Tell no one, even if you weren't asked to. From the workplace to the dining table to yoga class, we hear their stories.

But being there for others means that they are more likely to be there for us when we need help. We are social creatures, and having ij when we're troubled is powerful medicine. We feel closer when we share our difficulties. My assurances relieve her. So be the rational one in the equation, and take things in stride.

How to be a friend indeed to a friend in need

We all develop rhythms of closeness, levels of intimacy, and some sense of who does what in our relationships. When someone is newly diagnosed maybe all you want to do is Helplng with them, expressing your concern or care. If you think of something and you aren't sure how well it will be received, why tell them what you'd like to do for them and ask if it would be helpful?

If someone is ill, ask how that day was. Misery indeed loves company, and when we know that neeed friend's sister-in-law is an alcoholic, we feel better about our nosy, opinionated mother-in-law. Here are a few simple ffriend to help negotiate this tricky terrain. So it may just mean making sure that they know where to find professional help, if and when they are ready.