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One of them even called for the acquittal of the accused perpetrators, claiming that this was just "sexual acts in an atmosphere of merriment and rejoicing". I don't know how many of them raped me. It is believed she had a holiday fling with one or more of the teens before the allegations were made. But no, the investigation was apparently concluded in just 12 days, after which the police turned on the complainant.

The woman had claimed she was attacked by 12 Israeli tourists on July 17 at the Pambos Napa Rocks hotel in the resort of Ayia Napa, where she was staying.

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While the of rape reports went up by percent between and from 16, to 41,the percentage of convictions in rape cases sent to court dropped from 52 to 43 for the same period. The problem in Cylrus case was supposed " lack of material evidence ". The judge concluded that she must have made a false report after being embarrassed at realising she was being filmed — despite her not having known that she was filmed until the police showed her the footage.

He insisted the act of circulating the material was a far more serious offence than the charge faces. By INDERDEEP BAINS in Ayia Napa, Cyprus Time of article published.

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Soon after arriving at the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa, the teenager met an Israeli man and became romantically involved with him. Her lawyer, Michael Polak, from the advocacy group Justice Abroad, told CNN that she had been coerced into making the statement and denied legal representation. Eight hours, without access to a lawyer, or even a phone call to her mum, at the end of which she withdrew the allegation, using phrases which sound unlikely from someone with English as a first language.

In recent years, Europe has been shaken by a growing of rape cases in which the victims have been disastrously failed by the system. She and her lawyers were not able to cross-examine the men, because they, unlike her, had been permitted to leave Cyprus. The court was very lenient with her.

At the airport, they srx seen popping champagne bottles and chanting "the Brit is a whore". On 7 January, she was handed a four-month jail term, suspended for three years, before returning to the UK that week.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial stance. Well, apparently lots of them. The teenager was then stuck in the country for nearly five months after being charged. The year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was ssex guilty on a single charge of causing public mischief, her lawyer told CNN. I want to know who leaked this video and why?

The year-old woman flew into London Heathrow from Larnaca on Tuesday after spending a month in prison.

British woman found guilty of lying about gang rape in cyprus resort town

Ask anyone and they will tell you too much was made of the story. Inin France, two women came forward with allegations that they had been gang-raped as teenagers on an almost daily basis for years by a group of young men. Share via The teenager came back to the UK after spending a month in prison. She maintains that she agreed to consensual sex with one of the Israelis, before he knelt on her shoulders and raped her along with the others — a claim they all deny.

One factor ties together sexual assault and its legal outcomes across widely disparate countries and societies: power. It is a cycle which can and must be broken.

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I couldn't see," she said. We can only speculate whether politics and business influenced the outcome of the Cyprus rape case or whether it was the gender bias of the Cypriot judicial system. The judges presiding over the case Cgprus their decision not to charge them with rape with the lack of resistance from the victim. She was jailed for a month in Nicosia prison and only released after she handed over her passport to the local authorities. What man hears that a woman has been raped and goes straight off to find the footage to masturbate over?

Various legal experts have said Cyprys there were major irregularities in the investigation and court proceedings.

Yet the local authorities have defended their actions and have even demanded an " apology " from the British teenager. Clearly, the central reason rapists walk free in Europe is that the justice system in European countries, like elsewhere, continues to be skewed in their favour. FiLiA calls on the Westminster government to: Provide assistance to the young woman qoman leaving Cyprus Ensure that she has legal aid to bring whatever legal action she needs to take Ensure that she has access to high-quality trauma-informed medical support on return Support her in an action against Cyprus for breach of Article 6 right to a fair trial Use this as a springboard to take action on public health grounds against porn culture.

video of the woman having drunken sex which had since gone viral.

Drunken sex video of israel teens' gang rape accuser goes viral

Patriarchal power structures, existing for Cyprua, will not go quietly. Such a complex case — 12 suspects, forensic evidence, a traumatised witness — would take some time, you might think. The 12 men arrested were released without charge. Her lawyer, Lewis Power QC, said her legal team would challenge the conviction and were prepared to take the case to the European court of human rights.

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A British woman, 19, is found guilty over lying about being gang-raped in Ayia Napa, World Home · Africa · Asia · Australia · Europe · Latin America · Middle East The woman had said Cypriot police made her falsely confess to lying about the was backed up by video evidence showing her having consensual sex. A British woman has been found guilty of lying to police after alleging she was gang-raped by 12 Israeli youths in Cyprus. The offence my client is accused of is low-level.

Dominic Cypeus, the British foreign secretary, said he had raised concerns about her treatment with Cypriot authorities.

So when a young British woman staying at a resort in Ayia Napa reported that while she was having consensual sex with her boyfriend, 11 of his friends came to in, it would reasonably wiman expected that the authorities would do their best to investigate. Police have said she made claims of gang-rape by 12 Israelis, aged 15 to 18, who were arrested on July Five youths were released last Thursday after DNA testing and the remaining seven were freed on Sunday.

It is not Israeli men — or north African men, or Muslim men — who commit these offences in isolation.

Between andthe of police reports filed with rape allegations increased by 52 percent; for the same period, the of convictions wex by 23 percent. She says that the circumstances amounted to duress and that it was this pressure which compelled her to retract the allegation.

Ayia napa briton found guilty over false rape claim

According to Israeli sources, the video has been shared widely via WhatsApp, social media and even on porn sites after one or more of the youths sent it to friends. It is men who are steeped in porn culture and misogyny from their early teens, men whose viewing habits teach them that their masculinity comes at the expense of a bruised and weeping woman. In France, it is estimated that in65, French women were raped but only 14, police reports were filed and only 1, rape convictions were delivered.

After the sentencing, she hugged her family and legal team, leaving the Famagusta district court in Paralimni in tears.